11:00 AM : Rally
"Nuevo Mundo" at Museum Park

We March to EXPO at
Stephen P. Clark Government Center


March for Science Miami Inc. celebrates public discovery, understanding, and distribution of scientific knowledge as crucial to the freedom, success, health, and safety of life on this planet. We are a nonpartisan group, marching in support of the following goals for science:

Communication, Funding, Policy, Literacy, and Diversity.



Publicly funded scientists must be free to openly communicate their research, data sets, and interpretations of their work. Public outreach, education, and accessibility of scientific knowledge should be encouraged.


Investment in science and research is essential to driving innovation and delivering solutions to the complex challenges society faces. A long-term strategic approach to funding science is needed, with policy stability and a commitment to increased investment that will ensure future growth and prosperity.


Public policy should be guided by evidence-based scientific research,local scientific knowledge, and mainstream scientific consensus.


A well-informed citizenry is essential to a free and successful society. We support initiatives to promote broad public knowledge and discussion of scientific work. 


We believe open  access to scientific results and scientific discoveries should be inclusive and accessible to all; regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion or lack thereof, political affiliation, or socioeconomic status.



The March for Science is an international movement, led by organizers distributed around the globe.

Scientists work to build a better understanding of the world around us. Science is a process, not a product -- a tool of discovery that allows us to constantly expand and revise our knowledge of the universe. In doing so, science serves the interests of all humans, not just those in power. We must protect the rights of every person to engage with, learn from, and help shape science, free from manipulation by special interests.

This movement is taking place because of the simultaneous realization by thousands of  people who value science in their lives that staying silent is no longer an option. There are marches being planned across the United States and internationally.

 We encourage everyone to follow local organizers to stay Informed, and reach out if you want to help!