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grad students,
fight for your future!

March for Science Miami invites submissions* for poster presentation proposals on topics of public interest across the sciences from researchers at all levels.

The March for Science Miami will begin at Museum Park at 11:00 am and an expo will follow at Stephen P. Clark to run from 12:00 - 4:00 pm on Saturday April 22.

The aim of the session is to enable scientists to share their research with the public and for the public to learn that science is a living endeavor being done by real people here in Miami. As such, participants should be prepared to discuss their field in general, and careers in science, along with the particulars of their research.

Please submit an abstract of no more than 200 words to, by April 9 11: 59pm along with a brief layman-level explanation of your research and its points of interest of not more than 100 words for the public.

*Submissions will be judged on the relevance and accessibility of the research to the public. Poster selection will begin on April 2nd and invitation letters will be sent out the following week.*

Space is limited.



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