Moving Forward and a Happy New Year

As we transition from one Gregorian calendar year to another, we at the MFSM would like to thank everyone for all your support during the past two years, from our powerful protest Rally and Expo in 2017, to our policy-and-action-focused Teach-In 2018: Beyond the March. We let our policymakers know how important scientific integrity and science-based policy are to South Florida when we rallied in 2017. In 2018, we continued our push for initiatives that take the environment, ecology, and public health as seriously as the economy.

In 2019, we will hold the 2nd Annual Teach-In 2019: Moving Forward, where we will gather again scientists, policymakers, and activists, this time to specifically discuss pushing through sound, evidence-based policies on the issues you feel are most important to us while the Florida legislative session is in progress.

Please take our policy survey if you haven't already. We will use the information to organize the Teach-In 2019 and coalesce the information into a report for our local policymakers. The more people who fill out the survey, the more power we bring to the table. Let's do this! The issues facing us in South Florida are truly ground zero for climate change, sea-level rise, opioid addiction, gun violence, and other pressing public health and environmental problems.

The midterm elections gave us proof democracy works and that people believe in science. We elected ten science-credentialed candidates to Congress. This is just the beginning. Join us in 2019 as we Move Forward.

And a Happy New Year!

Science March Miami