periodically, we will feature a new speaker, at a new location, across the South Florida area to discuss current science and science policy changes that directly affect science education, awareness, and public access. 

We hope, as an organization, that these periodic meetings will help educate and engage the public, and give them the opportunity to discuss evolving changes in the community with experts in their fields.

Check our facebook page or MIa sciblog for current events.


The mfsm advocates for and supports science education and science literacy throughout the south florida area. have an event, service-learning opportunity, or announcement to make? submit it here or message us on facebook and we will help get the word out.


Take our people's science paris pledge today and show the world that the people of the united states stand with them.

we will continue to push for science policy initiatives to support clean water, renewable energy, and environmental justice in south florida. we have partnered with the women's march florida environmental group and the CLeo institute. visit facebook or check out our mia sciblog for actionable items on current policy news.

fill out our miami science policy survey. we will provide our policymakers with the results so they can govern accordingly.