Announcing MFSM Media and Policy blog - Sui Generis

We, as scientists and science enthusiasts, were concerned with the distortion of scientific findings and the validity of the scientific process long before, but growing in alarm during, the lead up to the political events of last year. In response, the March for Science Miami hopes to serve as a filter for science news in the media and science policy in our lives. Volunteer scientists will "peer review" media and policy related to science for accuracy in the interpretation of the science, and post our findings here. The blog is searchable and shareable.

Please send us your media and policy concerns if they need scientific vetting to, with specific references and links in the body of the email.

If you are interested in volunteering with us on blogging as a sui generis researcher, please fill out our volunteer form here and mention sui generis in your application or email us directly.


Science March Miami#suigeneris