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what is this for?

Help support our programs. We run our periodic roving science cafe, maintain the science activities calendar, organize events for future scientists, support sound evidence-based policies that affect our local area through community organizing and actions, and of course, we host the MFSMiami expo.

Thank you for your support!


Be sure to advocate for science communication, literacy and policy in your every day. 





ways to support mfsmiami:

1. sign up for our email list below to stay informed on our events and other science news.

2. Fill out our volunteer application to become more deeply involved with local science advocacy.

2. Show up to our open meetings, science cafes, and other activities on our science activities calendar (SAC) to advocate for local science; fostering science communication and enriching our science community are our biggest objectives.

3. CHECK OUR BLOG FOR ACTIONS AND EVENTS. Read the news, check the facts, and keep a critical but open mind to the future. 


*The March For Science Miami 2017 was an unprecedented event drawing over 4000 scientists and science enthusiasts, in solidarity with the March for Science DC. We are an all-volunteer nonprofit movement spreading science throughout South florida.